Benefits of CBD For Seniors

Over the past two years, CBD has become increasingly popular in the wellness communities among those interested in natural alternatives to conventional medications. While manufacturers and marketers are focusing on CBD, so are medical researchers. Now, more than ever, our understanding of the many health benefits to CBD is stronger than ever before. And while this compound can benefit people of all ages, it has particular advantages for those in their older years. 

How CBD Can Benefit Senior Health

Pain Relief

Among the most common uses for CBD is to reduce pain. Seniors are more likely to suffer from chronic pain due to nerve damage, arthritis, and tissue degeneration associated with aging. CBD’s primary function in the body is to reduce the pain receptors’ sensitivity and to lower inflammation, which is often the source of pain. CBD has been proven to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis as well as multiple sclerosis and joint pain. Since over half of seniors suffer from arthritis and nearly three-quarters from some form of chronic pain, this is good news for those looking for less addictive alternatives to pain management. 

Improve Bone Health

As we age, our bones become less healthy, and we become more prone to falls that result in fractures and other bone problems. In addition to helping reduce inflammation, CBD can also improve bone health and strength. This compound plays a role in preventing osteoporosis, a leading cause of fractures among the elderly, and it can even help your bones to heal faster if such an injury does occur. 

Reduces Anxiety

Aging not only influences the body, but it also affects your mental health, as well. Anxiety and depression are common among the elderly, particularly those with chronic diseases. Using CBD can help to improve your mental state by reducing anxious thoughts and improving thoughts of depression. Researchers have found that CBD not only improves general anxiety but also helps those with social anxiety. It also helps to improve mood and reduce depression symptoms and thoughts. 

Improves Sleep

Sleep becomes more difficult and interrupted as we age, and insomnia is a significant problem for seniors that contributes to many physical and psychological symptoms. Getting enough sleep is an essential part of caring for your health, and CBD can help. By reducing pain, relaxing muscles, lowering inflammation, and calming anxious thoughts, CBD can help you sleep more soundly and without interruption. It also enables you to stay in deep sleep phases longer. 

Boosts Heart Health

Among older adults, heart diseases is the leading cause of death and the most common chronic ailment. One of the leading contributors to cardiac issues is high blood pressure. CBD could be a natural yet effective treatment for lowering blood pressure. It works to reduce inflammation and combat the oxidative stress that can lead to heart damage while also reducing stress responses that are responsible for high blood pressure. By decreasing this strain in your heart, you can keep your heart healthier longer and improve your overall health. 

Treats Glaucoma

There is mounting evidence to suggest that CBD could help to prevent glaucoma, an eye disease that results from high intraocular pressure. By reducing this pressure, as well as treating the pain associated with glaucoma, CBD could become an effective treatment for this disease that is common among seniors. 

CBD holds promise for use by seniors to ease many of the common ailments and diseases associated with aging….effective at reducing pain, improving sleep, improving heart and bone health, lowering anxiety, and treating glaucoma. Learning how to pick out the right one with with great quality is key to maximum benefit, unfortunately they’re not all created equally.

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